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Cook Collection - Vanuatu

Quiros had named the islands of Vanuatu Australia Del Espiritu Santo, and Bougainville had visited in 1768. Cook made 3 landings on his second voyage on the islands of Malakula, Erromanga, and Tanna, and renamed the group the New Hebrides. There was open warfare, except for Tanna, so it is likely that all the non weapons in Cook collections came from Tanna. Panpipes (H000112) in the AM collection have been attributed to Tanna. The arrows H000158-H000170 have also been attributed to Vanuatu. There are 3 clubs in the Banks collection that may possibly have been collected on Cook's second voyage - H000292-H000295, H000366 - can be compared to those in the Forster collection in Gottingen.

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