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Mathias Kauage - Exhibition Text - Object Label - Painting E081755

4. Print of pen drawing, 1987
Kauage has depicted Okuk's burial at his hometown of Kundiawa, surrounded by his family and important visitors.
Kauage's description: Okuk has died, they have carried him to Kundiawa. They want to plant him. His wife is there. That's the plane that brought them to Kundiawa airport. She wants to see Okuk. She throws her hands down onto the box and breaks it open. She wants to see his face. Okuk's mama, Okuk's papa, sit down nearby. Those in line at the bottom are some women, some ministers. They are all sitting down. They want to carry Okuk. They watched his wife break open the box. Missus Okuk, she's Bena, from Goroka, she doesn't belong to Kundiawa, Goroka girl.
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