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Mathias Kauage - Exhibition Text - Object Label - Painting E086991

2. Acrylic on canvas, 1987
Here, Okuk is campaigning for office and is shown handing out money, kina, as gifts.
Kauage's description: Okuk with Missus Nahau Runi and Stephen Taku who are down below inside the helicopter. They've put pig's teeth and kina in their noses. They are campaigning, going around all the places in Papua New Guinea in the helicopter. They throw away money to all the people. They go around Papua, New Guinea too. New Guinea, Papua, it's the same, they throw the kina down onto the grass and all the ground. The flag is there, they've fastened spears to the helicopter. If a bighead man is walking about looking for a fight, the spears are ready, that's why they're there.
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