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Swift Moth

Introduction: Large attractive nocturnal moths, extremely variable in colour and markings.
Identification: Large, attractive nocturnal moths. Both sexes of adults are extremely variable in both colour and markings, always with purple hind wings in live specimens. Single wingspan. Females are larger than males. Body size up to 9.5 cm.
Max. Size: 9.5 cm.
Distribution: Eastern Australia
Habitat: Coastal forest and heath
Biology: Can be seen flying in late summer-early autumn and are often attracted to light. Caterpillars live underground and feed on tree and shrub roots, related moth species are the “bardi grub” which has been used as food and as bait for fishing. The adult moths have no functional mouthparts and do not feed, living only a few days.
Other Common Names: Bardi Grub
Family: Hepialidae
Genus: Abantiades
Species: hyalinatus
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