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Eastern Blue Devil

Blue and white striped body, blue spotted head and yellow fins.
Recognised by its banded pattern of blue and white stripes on the body, blue spotted head and yellow pectoral and caudal fins. The pelvic fins and posterior dorsal and anal fins are elongate. When spread these fins overlap, making the fish appear larger. Body size up to 40 cm.
Max. Size: 40 cm.
Distribution: Eastern Australia
Habitat: Coastal waters and estuaries in depths from 3 m to 30 m.
Juveniles are rarely seen.  Solitary fish that tend to live alone in caves, crevices and under ledges. They are most active at night. Very little is known about their diet but are known to feed on brittle stars. Females lay groups of eggs glued to the underside of caves and ledges.  It is protected under New South Wales Fisheries Laws. It may not be speared or collected by any means, or possessed without a permit.
Other Common Names: Bleeker's Devilfish, Blue-tipped Long-fin
Family: Plesiopidae
Genus: Paraplesiops
Species: bleekeri