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Banded Carpet Shark

Bottom dwelling shark with dark brown blotchy saddles on the body.
It has a brownish upper body with well-defined, darker brown saddles surrounded by black edges.  It has several branched dermal lobes on the head margin.  There are two tubercles above the eyes and a white spot behind both spiracles. Body size up to 200 cm.
Max. Size: 200 cm.
Distribution: Eastern and southern Australia
Habitat: Rocky reef areas, offshore islands and bays, bottom-dwelling to a depth of 195 m.
 It is nocturnal, found on the bottom of caves, under ledges on reefs and in trenches during the day.  At night it comes out to feed preying on other sharks, fish and cephalopods. They are known to be site attached and stay in a particular area for a very long time. It has a slow reproductive cycle, taking up to 3 years to complete. Females give birth to up to 45 pups. The species is not regarded as dangerous unless provoked but has been implicated in attacks on divers. 
Other Common Names: Gulf Wobbegong, Banded Wobbegong, Ornate Wobbegong,
Family: Orectolobidae
Genus: Orectolobus
Species: halei