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Black Rockcod

Grey to black in colour with small black spots and bars.
Grey to black in colour and has that are dark dorsally but fade ventrally. In larger fish these bars are often faint. It has canine teeth at the front of both jaws and its posterior nostrils are larger than the anterior nostrils.  Body size up to 155cm.
Max. Size:
155 cm.
Eastern australia
Coastal and offshore reefs and islands
The territorial nature of this fish makes it vulnerable to spearfishing and angling. It is a common New South Wales species but is rarely seen due to its secretive nature usually found hiding in caves and under ledges. Declining numbers resulted in it being declared protected in New South Wales waters in 1984. It is illegal to sell it in NSW.
Other Common Names:
Saddled Rock-cod, Black Cod, Saddletail Grouper
Family: Serranidae
Genus: Epinephelus
Species: daemelii