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Red Morwong

Red colouration, long thickened pectoral fin rays, large fleshy lips.
Recognised by its colouration and extended and thickened lower pectoral fin rays. Adults are orange-brown to dark brown above and pale below. Small juveniles are silvery with dark bands crossing the upper sides and dorsal fin. Adults have large fleshy lips and a forked caudal fin. There are horn-like bumps in front of the eyes. Body size up to 65cm.
Max. Size:
Eastern Australia
Rocky reefs to a depth of 30 m; juveniles live on algae covered reefs.
Commonly seen resting on the bottom, perched on their long thickened pectoral fin rays. Diet consists of worms and other small invertebrates.  Prey is filtered through the gills from randomly-taken mouthfuls of sand or matter scraped from the rocks.
Other Common Names:
Family: Cheilodactylidae
Genus: Cheilodactylus
Species: fuscus