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White-browed Scrubwren

Small, olive brown above, red brown below, grey throat, white lines above and below eyes.
A small bird, dark olive-brown above, with a grey throat and dull red brown flanks, belly and rump. It has white lines above and below the eye.  Both sexes are similar, but females are slightly duller, particularly on the face. Subtropical and tropical populations are more yellow underneath, males having an almost black facial mask. Southern coastal populations have dark streaking on the throat. Young birds are similar to the adults, but are generally duller. Body size up to 13 cm.
Max. Size:
13 cm.
eastern Australia
Rainforest, open forest, woodland and heaths.
Are among Australia's most active birds, constantly foraging amongst the leaf-litter of the forest floor for food. It feeds mostly on insects and other small arthropods. Occasionally, they eat some seeds. Birds feed in pairs among the thick vegetation of the forest floor. The call is an almost persistent harsh chattering of scalding notes, especially when disturbed. It is also an accomplished mimic. The nest consists of a large ball of grasses and other plant material, with a side entrance tunnel leading to a cup lined with feathers. This is normally located on or near to the ground, in thick vegetation, but may be in a tree fork a few metres high.
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