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Striped Pyjama Squid


The common name for this species is derived from the distinctive black stripes on a white background that cover their head and body. It is thought this distinctive colouring might possibly advertise a poisonous nature, potentially contained in the slime they produce.


Sepioloidea lineolata have a distinctive colour pattern of brown to black stripes over white, although can sometimes also present a mottled purple-brown colour pattern. Their eyes often appear yellow. They possess finger-like papillae over the eyes, along with a pair of kidney-shaped fins on mantle.


Body to 7cm long


Southern Indo-Pacific waters of Australia; Brisbane around to Shark Bay.


S. lineolata are found in sand and rubble, often around seagrass beds to depths of 20m.

Breeding Behaviours:

Adults mate head-to-head, with the female storing the sperm in a pouch under her mouth until ready to lay eggs. White spherical eggs are laid in rock crevices or under loose rubble. The young hatch with the full complement of pyjama stripes, appearing as miniature adults and quickly settle into the sand.