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Small, dark brown-grey bird, white throat, black tail.
A small, plump, dark brown-grey bird with a cinnamon-tinged face and forehead, a dull white throat speckled black, reddish-brown underparts, and a black tail, which is often flicked sideways. The wings are dark grey-brown. Young birds are similar to adults but duller. Body size up to 14 cm.
Max. Size:
14 cm.
eastern Australian
Sclerophyll forests and tall woodlands on rocky outcrops on sandstone formations in and around the Sydney Basin.
Its distribution is restricted to the sandstone formations around the Sydney region of New South Wales. It nests in sandstone (occasionally limestone or granite) caves, usually in near or complete darkness and the nest is re-used each year.  The nest is a suspended dome-shaped structure made from roots, moss, grass and bark bound together with spider webs, and has a round side entrance that is sometimes hooded. The inner nest chamber is lined with soft materials, including feathers, fur, grasses and plant down. Its diet consists of insects and sometimes seeds. It forages on the ground and in low branches, probing for insects in rock crevices, in caves and under ledges.  Its call is a shrill, slight mournful 'goodbye' song and a penetrating 'pink' call, along with other rasping notes.
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