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Pale Octopus


Octopus pallidus is often found in the same habitat as the Southern Keeled Octopus, but lacks the skin ridge or keel of other octopus species.


Octopus pallidus is a robust, muscular species with a solid body and short, stout arms of subequal length. It has a number of sharp spikes of skin over the body which can be raised, along with a regular patchment of small raised oval patches over their entire body and arms.


Medium sized octopus with an armspan up to 60cm in length.

Similar Species:

Southern Keeled Octopus


Common in bays and coastal waters of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Less commonly found in waters of southern NSW.


The pale octopus occurs on sand substrates, often in association with sponge gardens or beds of sea squirts. It has been found in shallow waters to depths of almost 600m.

Feeding and Diet:

The Pale Octopus emerges at night to feed on crustaceans and shellfish, primarily collecting shellfish which it pulls apart or drills using its sharp-toothed tongue to poison the occupant and gain entry.