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Northern Banjo Frog

Grey or brown with occasional darker flecks, sides have red-orange or yellow patches, groin and the backs of thighs red.
Grey or brown in colour, with occasional darker flecks and blotches. A creamy yellow or reddish-orange raised stripe runs below its eyes to the bases of its arms with a darker stripe above. Sides have red-orange or yellow patches and a red patch on the upper arms. The belly is granular and white or pale yellow. Its groin and the backs of its thighs have red or scarlet markings. Body size up to 7.5 cm.
Max. Size:
7.5 cm.
eastern Australia
Habitat: Forests, woodlands and cleared land.
Its call is similar to a short, high-pitched ‘dunk’ or ‘bonk’ sound. Breeding commences about October and continues until May. The male calls while concealed in water or in vegetation on the banks of dams, flooded ditches or similar places. The female lays eggs in a large foam nest attached to emergent vegetation. Usually found near permanent water such as streams, swamps, and dams after rains. Through the day it remains burrowed in the ground and emerges at night to feed.
Other Common Names:
Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk, Northern Bullfrog
Calling Time:
From Sept to Mar