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Giant Barred Frog


This large frog lives in moist forests. It hides during the day, camouflaged beneath fallen leaves or burrowing into the loose soil.

The Giant Barred Frog has banded legs with webbed feet, making it an efficient swimmer.


11.5 cm


The Giant Barred Frog is found in coastal northern New South Wales and southern Queensland.


The Giant Barred Frog lives in forests and woodlands. 

Feeding and Diet:

At night the Giant Barred Frog comes out to forage, taking a range of invertebrates including insects and worms and occasionally other frogs.


The call of the Giant Barred Frog is a deep guttural grunt.

Breeding Behaviours:

Male Giant Barred Frogs can be heard calling females with a deep guttural grunt from their hiding places in the leaf litter. The mating pairs enter the water, and the females flick the fertilised eggs onto the stream bank where the first developmental stages are completed out of reach of aquatic predators. The tadpoles are then washed into the creek by the first heavy rains.

Alternative names: Southern Barred Frog